Author Topic: Wiipen build with an old mouse  (Read 6977 times)

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on: April 04, 2009, 05:49:53 AM

I have just finish my WiiPen, and I have some ideas maybe good for you.

I have made My pen with an old USB mouse.
The goal il tu put the right clic on the pen .

1st, I take an old mouse and
I removed the LED position and the micro switch of the wheel and the IR led of the wheel
and use the Micro Switch and the IR led for the pen.

I plug them on a little sheet. ( I'm right handed, and I put the led at the left side for better reception ( and with a better angle )

I use the power of the mouse

but for a better reception and smooth, I change the angle of the led

and it's work perfectly :oD

Next time... the Right clic on the pen...