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on: March 12, 2008, 06:41:37 PM
Alright, I had a slightly different approach to the power source for my lights.  I used the USB source, as I'm sure others have, but instead of just having the single light pen wired directly into the jack, I decided to attach a phone line jack to a USB device, as seen in the attachments.  This way I could use cheap-o phone cords to connect all my devices interchangeably.  The pen itself is just the one that Johnny has in his whiteboard video with the standard BIC-style casing and a momentary switch.

I just thought I'd share my idea, if it would make anybody else's experience any easier :)  Oh yeah, and the MiniSD card reader I high jacked the power from still functions normally while using the pen, I'm just sharing.  the phone line idea also allows me to just stick a cheap-o splitter on the end and then I can plug in multiple devices.

I'm planning on making another pen, a sensor bar, and I'd like to try making the VR head-tracking goggles, but those won't be plugged in to the USB device.  Anywho, once again, thought I'd share my ideas.


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