Author Topic: Opinions from buyers of my Low cost Professional Wii Light pen (thetechguy)  (Read 3345 times)

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I was wondering or searching rather for opinions of anywone who has purchased my pens. I really would like to hear from you so that I can improve my product.


1. How is the pen working for your needs?

2. How are you using the pen? ie the class room, sales presentations etc.

3. What improvements if any would you like to see made on the pens?

4. open comments

Looking forward to your reponses.

thank you


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I purchased a pen from thetechguy and I couldn't be happier!! I works great and I used it just today with my first grade class.  If six year olds can use it with no problems I would have to say anyone could!  I truly appreciate thetechguy for making these pens and also for them being very reasonably priced. I would recommend that anyone who doesn't want to try to make one on their own to buy from the techguy! Product and service are top notch!!