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on: May 17, 2008, 05:09:07 AM
Prompted by benpaddlejones' "Summary of IR Pens & Interactive Whiteboards that work" I did some wiimote testing at work. I used blank slides in powerpoint and wrote on the screen with different distances and mounts for the wiimote. I found the side-mount pen to be most effective even out to 15 feet. The wiimote really starts to lose resolution after that. The wiimote did pick up the single side-mounted Vishay TSMF3710-GS08 IR surface mounted (SMT type) LED at 15 feet, but you could tell that it worked better with two side by side LEDs to make a bigger IR blob for the wiimote to track. (thankyou gabort for pointing this out in your post 'big motha') I've posted the powerpoint slides below for your review. The fun thing was that people kept stopping by to play with the wiimote whiteboard so some of their diddles are included.

Here is a link to the side-mounted pen approach:
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