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Title: Two of my simple IR "pens"
Post by: deleted on January 28, 2008, 02:42:56 AM
Well, given the nature of this sort of thing it was a given that I needed to make my own IR pens and after a misterable few trips to Radio Shack and some failed attempts and making my own from scratch, I decided to just keep things simple. The first one I made, was from the cigarrete lighters that you can find in just about any gas station. Very simple, just take out the regular LED and put the IR one in place. I tried leaving it in the lighterbut it seemed that the light had to shine directly at the wiimote, so I just took it out and it works fine :) The second, I wanted something a little more polished and professional looking. So after a trip to Ace hardware, I got a couple of single LED lights that had the flexible neck. I didnt much like the neck so I took it off and used a small coupler to join them together. It got a little hectic, but I think it turned out alright. As I said, the lighter one is very simple, so you can figure that one out easy, but if you need and more info on the second one, I still have another one to build so I can make a video when I do and post it. We;;, let me know what you think :)