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Title: WiiMote Controller Pen
Post by: talbert63 on May 16, 2011, 08:41:58 PM
Hey Ya'll

This is my first post on this forum, but I am not brand new to reading information posted here.  I have used a mix and match of different idea's and thought it would only be fair if I shared my experiences with the WiiMote IWB.  

I am using Smoothboard.  I have two wiimotes, one of which is hung from the ceiling.   I am projecting on the wall in my classroom and for software I am using the free Promethean software.   That is not much different from anyone else on this forum.

The thing I am mainly writing about is my pen.   I have created a pen out of my second wiimote.  I poked a hole in the rubber case that the wiimote comes with and ran an IR led through the hole.   I then connected that to a AAA battery case with a switch already built in.  My IR led runs full time while I am using the pen.   I have found that this has improved overall accuracy amazingly.  I then use the Wiimote to control mouse functions.  I have programmed the wiimote b trigger button to be my left click and the A button to be my right click.   This has made the clicking so much more reliable!!  I also turn the IR led off via the switch when I want to use presenter mode and click the 1 WiiMote button to toggle the presenter on so that I can step back and control the board from 10-20 ft.   I built an IR Led Sensor Bar of sorts to sit on my desk so that I was able to use the presenter mode.  Overall I could not be more happy with my experience.   If you have any questions about my building of the pen or the settings I am using feel free to ask.  I am a middle school social studies teacher and this has completely changed the way that I teach my class.  I really feel this is the best way to control the Smoothboard!  

Someone has done this before I'm sure, but I wanted to start a new thread b/c I could not find any detailed instructions on how to get this done.  

Title: Re: WiiMote Controller Pen
Post by: talbert63 on May 17, 2011, 08:55:01 AM
Just an update:

After 2 weeks of using batteries... I have found that one lithium AAA battery lasted me a little over a week of lengthy note taking while the IR LED was constantly illuminated while using the pen.   Next school year I will be investing in rechargeable AAA batteries.   I will also be modifying my pen with velcro to allow for easier access to the AAA battery.   Right now I have it held one with electrical tape which surprisingly goes back on with ease.  One other thing to consider is buying a rechargeable battery pack for the actual Wiimote.   I have also programmed the -+ to be volume controls.   I am also using the home button as mute. 

Anyone else have any ideas on how to improve upon this set up.   Like I have said the constant burn of the IR has led to a lot better accuracy and dependability of the overhead WiiMote to pickup the IR signal.   Thank you BoonJin for writing the Smoothboard software so that I can have this amazing technology in my classroom.