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Title: Making Art with the Wiimote
Post by: benpaddlejones on January 12, 2009, 07:37:07 AM
Wiimote Friends

Here are some videos of art being made with the Wiimote:

Use the WiiMote as a drawing device in NodeBox!
Check out http://nodebox.net/code/index.php/WiiDraw for the source code.

Motorola's interactive art creation tool motocolors used with a motion sensing controller.

Using a Wiimote to play with Whorld, a real-time visual synthesizer of sacred geometry. Recorded in the software FFrend, using the WhorldFF and Pete Warden's LiveFeed FreeFrame plugins. Wiimote control patch written in GlovePIE. Learn more at whorld.org.

Playing with the WiiFlash server, I quickly knocked up this Flash demo that draws blobs from the Wii remote IR sensor, pretty much like the Wii console's sensitivity settings does. I gave each blob (the Wiimote can track up to four blobs of infrared light) a different colour and clear the graphics on pressing the A button. The script is available at http://www.spikything.com/blog
(Who needs a IR-Pen when you have sunlight! benpaddlejones :))

This is my first experiment using the open source framework WiiFlash. It is an AIR application built using Flash in which the user can generate a Cubist self portrait by pointing a Wiimote at an Infrared light. Webcam footage is masked and layered using a variety of shapes and lines, the properties of which can be altered using the Wiimote controls.

benpaddlejones :)