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on: January 27, 2008, 06:26:42 PM
I'm working with a group of fellow students on this:

It's a wraparound display that one stands in the center of, while content is projected all around.

We want to use the WiiMote as a 2D Cursor to be able to point within the environment, but have no idea where to start!

Can anyone help us out? We're looking for suggestions on tracking strategies, IR beacon placement, or anything else you think would be helpful.

Some of our issues/questions:
- If the WiiMote "sees" more than 4 dots, how does it determine which to track?
- Is there a way to project an IR dot onto a screen's surface (to avoid obscuring the image with an LED shadow)?
- What are good patterns for IR beacon configurations?
- How would you suggest solving this problem?

Our current strategy is to get pointing to work for one screen, and then duplicate that beacon configuration on all four. We would then make the size of the IR beacon significantly different for each screen (so as to determine which screen we're pointing at).

Thanks for the help!

- Joe

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Reply #1 on: February 16, 2008, 11:00:32 PM
Best approach I've thought of for this is to use a high powered IR LED (Osram SFH 4230 or 4231) and put optics in front of it.  The source is fairly small (1mm^2) so you should be able to focus it to a fairly good spot on your rear-projection screens.

Identifying the points would probably be better done through time domain modulation.