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on: March 21, 2008, 09:08:46 PM
Im trying to get the wiimote projects to work, but still having compatibility issues (dam vista and Linux, i need xp again).  but i was playing on my Wii and noticed that the Wiimote was picking up one of my accent lights.  well my accent lights dont run off of normal lighting, so i got to thinking.
The point of making the board with all of the led lights is to basicly flood the area with infared right?

One of the problems with using regular light like that is that it blinds you and so forth, so i got out my army flash light (2.50 at any camping store) and tested it.  well it worked, then i tried the different filters. Well the filters improved the range a little bit. and the light is hardly visible.

any thoughts

Wii Bar:         : 12 - 13 feet
No filter        :   17    feet
Red filter       :   18    feet
Blue filter      :   19    feet
Blue / Red filter:   19    feet