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Hi guys,
Sorry for the late response. Unfortunately, I still have no luck with my new Bluetooth Dongle. I gotta return it somehow and buy a new Bluetooth. 

Maybe The conflict between window 7 and Bluesoleil causes the problem. I would recommend you uninstall Bluesoleil. Try to use Window 7 BT stack.

Follow this guide:**-please-read-before-posting-problem**/

Also, check your wiimote batteries.

Btw, give me about 1 or 2 weeks. I have to wait for my new Bluetooth Dongle. The one that I had got mad and left me to its original owner. :D

nclemenson, tn the mean time, You should check out Wiimote Presenter (google it) to see if its something you are looking for.

Oh now, i know exactly what you mean. I am not at home right now. I'll try to post a template for you tonight (or tomorrow) and then i'll program it over the weekend.

Good morning Wizi,


The user defined button would represent a key or key combination.

Alt-tab or ctrl-w or ctrl-alt-esc or just alt-s ...


On windows 7 I'm having a peculiar issue.   For example if I try to minimize to tray (certain applications) like the wiimote helper, or accessibility keyboard, the mouse freezes.  I have to walk over to the laptop and move the mouse physically-rather than with the infrared pen.   Then I can minimize and the infrared pen will continue to work.

I'll video tape this issue today and post a link.

Thanks again Wizi,



Do you mean like Wiimote Presenter? You can load and save your settings through a .txt file??
You don't have to make a video. I have that issue too. Since the program doesnt give out any error, its kind of hard to know where the problem is but i am working on it.

Thank you all for your feedback.

This is great, I want a request,

Can you make move only mode and click mode, similar to java whiteboard (uwe), preferably by toggling it in side bar, similar to gtk whiteboard ?

Sidebar means beyond calibrated area, for example upper area for Toggling Move and Click mode, lower area for double click, left and right area for right click.

So when we want to just move the cursor (with IR led on), we click on the upper side of calibrated area, then if we want to be back with normal mode which is click mode, we click again on the upper side, that's why gtk whiteboard call this sidebar.

Thank you.

Hi Mason,
I haven't used java Whiteboard yet, since I am using window7 with mini USB BT dongle, i have to use Bluesoleil. But i just ordered a new USB BT that can be used with Microsoft stack.  When I get the new BT, I'll be able to use Java Whiteboard and have a better picture of it. Can you give me the link to download gtk whiteboard? I am new to wiimoteproject :)

But according to my understanding, it isn't hard to do. You just need the coordinates of the cursor and the screen. You will be able to control the mouse clicks.

Sorry, could you be more specific?
So, if you click on userdefined, the application is going to open another application? Is that what you meant?
What do you mean about Alt-Tab?

Bluetooth & Connectivity Help Center / Broadcom Bluetooth adapter?
« on: January 19, 2010, 11:10:16 PM »
Does anyone know where to buy Broadcom Bluetooth adapter since they now support window7?  I searched on ebay but no luck.

Thank you,

Thanks for the update, I'll be able to test it tomorrow...all my stuff is at work.

Thanks for testing out my application. Ill try to add more features to it.

What happened to the link?

pacre or anyone please add here so i can add this app to teh knowledge base

benpaddlejones :)

Hi Ben,
The link is on the top where the Poll is

Sorry, i have to edit my post.
This BT died after 3 days working. I am returning it :sigh: waste of time and money.

Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Re: Wiimote WB Helper v0.1
« on: January 11, 2010, 04:17:21 PM »
Hello.  If you could add a double-click option on the menu where you choose left/right that would be beneficial.

Thanks for taking the time to make your program.


Sure nclemenson,
Ill add it in the next version.
Thank you for your feedback.


Edusim Cells and Cell Parts is ready for Download here

Does anyone have the direct link for this??? I went to the website but i couldnt find it.

Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Re: Wiimote WB Helper v0.1
« on: January 11, 2010, 10:02:27 AM »
Please go to to scan the file if you want to.
Here is the result.

Antivirus     Version     Last Update     Result
a-squared   2010.01.11   -
AhnLab-V3   2010.01.10   -
AntiVir   2010.01.11   -
Antiy-AVL   2010.01.11   -
Authentium   2010.01.10   -
Avast   4.8.1351.0   2010.01.11   -
AVG   2010.01.11   -
BitDefender   7.2   2010.01.11   -
CAT-QuickHeal   10.00   2010.01.11   -
ClamAV   0.94.1   2010.01.11   -
Comodo   3546   2010.01.11   -
DrWeb   2010.01.11   -
eSafe   2010.01.11   -
eTrust-Vet   35.2.7229   2010.01.11   -
F-Prot   2010.01.10   -
F-Secure   9.0.15370.0   2010.01.11   -
Fortinet   2010.01.09   -
GData   19   2010.01.11   -
Ikarus   T3.   2010.01.11   -
Jiangmin   13.0.900   2010.01.11   -
K7AntiVirus   7.10.944   2010.01.11   -
Kaspersky   2010.01.11   -
McAfee   5858   2010.01.11   -
McAfee+Artemis   5858   2010.01.11   -
McAfee-GW-Edition   6.8.5   2010.01.11   -
Microsoft   1.5302   2010.01.11   -
NOD32   4761   2010.01.11   -
Norman   6.04.03   2010.01.11   -
nProtect   2009.1.8.0   2010.01.11   -
Panda   2010.01.10   -
PCTools   2010.01.11   -
Prevx   3.0   2010.01.11   -
Rising   2010.01.11   -
Sophos   4.49.0   2010.01.11   -
Sunbelt   3.2.1858.2   2010.01.10   -
Symantec   20091.2.0.41   2010.01.11   -
TheHacker   2010.01.11   -
TrendMicro   2010.01.11   -
VBA32   2010.01.11   -
ViRobot   2010.1.11.2130   2010.01.11   -
VirusBuster   2010.01.11   -

Hi everyone,

This is the first version of my Whiteboard Helper Program. The original source code is from Johny.
Remember to CONNECT your Wiimote first. The program doesn't have "Connect" feature yet.
Required: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (


*** Wiimote WB Helper v0.3: (
_ Fixed: The application crashes when you use IR Viewer
_ Improved Calibration
_ Added shortcuts for calibration and Mouse control.
_ Added a large mouse and keyboard control library for future uses.


*** Wiimote WB Helper v0.2 (
_Added Double Click.
_Added IR Dots Viewer: It will help you with your calibration. Make sure that you see only 1 dot when you use your IR pen.

*** Wiimote WB Helper v0.1 (
_Added Calibration Visual
_Added Left + Right Mouse control.
_Fixed some minor errors.

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