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thanks for your reply.

I am using lastest version ( => really hard to remember :-s ), and FULL, I had bought it the day I bought my Wiimote.

Hello everyone, I am totally a newbie at this forum, so please gentle with me if I make any misstake :(

Before starting a new topic, I already read following sticky topic:
BT Problems, A Self Help Guide - ** Please read BEFORE posting problem**  New

I try many difference stack ( Bluesoleil / Dell's driver - Broadcom / Toshiba - I cant install it ) with my build in BT device: " dell 365 bluetooth module "

With Bluesoleil, I successfull connect and use Wiimote for Dolphin emu, but when I restart my laptop, Bluesoile crash / stop at " searching device ..." step.

With Broadcom, connection is fine ( at less this is what I think ). But no response in Dolphin.

Could anyone help me with Bluesoile case ?
If it can not be helped, I will think about buy a BT USB Dongle from Bluesoleil. Any recomments / warmings would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

P/s: I am living in Finland, so Amazon and many site does NOT ship to my address T_T.

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