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IR Pens / Re: Tip Activated Infrared IR Pen from
« on: November 05, 2010, 05:24:03 AM »
Touch Sensitive Infrared Pen from now has a touch sensitive infrared pen available that can be stored on any magnetic surface. Details and features listed below

  • Vishay TSAL6400 Infrared LED
  • Endcap to Protect infrared LED
  • Easily Removeable battery endcap with AAA battery and battery holder.
  • Rubberized triangular grip for ease of handling.
  • Embedded magnet that can be stored on any magnetic surface including a magnetic whiteboard.

Introductory Price of $19.99 for the in stock Light Blue and Green

Introductory Video of Product:


how do i buy this item, from this site or ebay. i couldnt find it anywhere

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