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I'm simply amazed by DesktopVR app and it's potential developments.

Here is a project Idea I was thinking of (may not be the first).

I think it would be quite simple to adapt DesktopVR app so that instead of a standalone application with moving targets
it would simply translate spatial information into keyboard/mouse keypresses.

This way, it could potentially adapt to any doomlike PC game and give a blasting 3D experience.
Moving closer or away from screen would just be translated as KEYBORD-UP or KEYBOARD-DOWN.

It would be a little more tricky with sensor-bar moving left or right that would have to translate in a doomlike game as a
the corresponding left or right move but also an opposite direction head-turn.

I think that if corretly designed, this kind of app could be parametrable and calibrated so that it can be used with any doomlike PC game.

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