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Additional information (looks like this thread have attracted more readers by the day):

signs of a fake controller:
The A button, under the plastic, there is imperfection in the way it is manufactured.  The real WiiMote A button is crystal clear, fake, looks bubbly under the clear plastic.
The IR filter in the front, the fake has two sharp corners on the top corners, the real one is smooth on all for corners. 
The power button, the colour is slightly off and the print is a little off center.
The plastic on the WiiMote is slightly off...what do I mean?  The shiny white plastic on the top of the controller does not have the same white consistancy, it is not as smooth as the real one.  The bottom, is a more matte white, fake looks cheaper.

It is really really hard to tell if you only have one wii mote by itself.  But upon careful imspection, next to a real one, the fake will undoubtely show its true colour. 

Hope this helps everyone out there.

Okay here is the conclusion: the Java App ujs wrote is fine.  If you have any of the symptoms described by Tim, 56% batter, LED 23 flashing, IR field flashing when you pop it up, not being able to got a fake Wiimote despite the fancy box, japanese writing on the remote etc etc. 

I just borrowed my students Wiimote and everything works perfect.  You should get the LEDs with the correct wave length since only the vistay 7400 worked on mine.

So Tim, thanks for your encouragement to try the Real remote, I had it in my classroom all day, and it wasn't until you brought it up again that I felt the urge to test it.  Hope you get the same results as I did. 

Hey Tim

We got fake remotes.  

Okay Tim,

I just wiped out my student's wiimote and linked it to the mac pro...
It says 70% battery it looks like we have been cheated.  This really sucks but at least there is some conclusion...sigh...I am going to go home and try this remote and if I can calibrate then we have our problem solved. 
I was also on to this, just nice to get a little confirmation from you and then test it.

Stay tuned.


Hey Tim

I had a sinking feeling about that too.  I bought mine here in HK in a local looks very much legit...but I borrowed a student's wii mote and I will try it tonite and report to you what happened, I hope to come back with good news.  Even if its fake, at least we would know what is the problem. 

I will report back.


Yeah, this is beyond my expertise (and I aint no expert).  I was hoping the real expertise would chime in any time now.  But its good to see someone dealing with the same thing.  If I come across anything I will let you know...but it looks like you are further along than I am. 

Hey Tim,

I am pretty sure my LEDs are not the problem either...and my Wii remote should be legit, I will check with another Wii remote but I really doubt there will be any difference.  I agree that it is some kind of communication problem between the Wiimote and the mac.
I will update here if I find anything that helps. 


This is the what the log is producing if it helps diagnose the problem:

 SEVERE     13:07:14  WiiRemoteJ: Error discovering device. The remote device can not be contacted
   at Method)
   at javax.bluetooth.RemoteDevice.getFriendlyName(
   at wiiremotej.WiiDeviceDiscoverer.deviceDiscovered(
   at Method)
   FINE     13:07:14  WiiRemoteJ: Found admin MacBook (58B03586C006)
   FINE     13:07:14  WiiRemoteJ: admin MacBook is NOT a known device.
   FINE     13:07:14  WiiRemoteJ: Found adminís MacBook (60334B06940E)
   FINE     13:07:14  WiiRemoteJ: adminís MacBook is NOT a known device.
   FINE     13:07:14  WiiRemoteJ: Found admin MacBook (9027E4F9EC60)
   FINE     13:07:14  WiiRemoteJ: admin MacBook is NOT a known device.
   FINE     13:07:14  WiiRemoteJ: Found Nintendo RVL-CNT-01 (005A1A424E31)
   FINE     13:07:14  WiiRemoteJ: Nintendo RVL-CNT-01 is a Wii Remote.
   INFO     13:07:15  WiiRemoteJ: btl2cap://005A1A424E31
  FINER     13:07:16  WiiRemoteJ: Initial connection complete.
  FINER     13:07:17  WiiRemoteJ: Calibrating accelerometer...
  FINER     13:07:17  WiiRemoteJ: Accelerometer successfully calibrated
  FINER     13:07:17  WiiRemoteJ: Initialization complete.
 FINEST     13:07:18  WiiRemoteJ: Data write finished.
 FINEST     13:07:18  WiiRemoteJ: Data write finished.
 FINEST     13:07:18  WiiRemoteJ: Data write finished.
 FINEST     13:07:18  WiiRemoteJ: Data write finished.
 FINEST     13:07:19  WiiRemoteJ: Data write finished.
 FINEST     13:07:19  WiiRemoteJ: Data write finished.
 FINEST     13:07:19  WiiRemoteJ: Data write finished.
   FINE     13:07:24  WiiRemoteJ: Found admin MacBook (9027E4F9EC60)
   FINE     13:07:24  WiiRemoteJ: admin MacBook is NOT a known device.
   FINE     13:07:49  WiiRemoteJ: Found adminís MacBook (60334B06940E)

and this is my specs

Hardware Overview:

  Model Name:   MacBook Pro
  Model Identifier:   MacBookPro5,5
  Processor Name:   Intel Core 2 Duo

Hey there,

I have exactly the same issue.  Battery life 56%.  
IR dots visible, 2 and 3 flashes and sometimes 4 will join the party.  
Go to calibrate, nothing...very frustrated.  I bought the TSAL 7400 IR leds on ebay (only 4 bucks) and they do the same thing as the cheap ones I got on the street (I am in Hong Kong).  

Is this a software problem?  Should I give up?  Input would be appreciated.

Here are my specs:
Using a Mac book Pro
OS X 10.6.6
Done all my updates. 


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