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So, apparently, Ken Hinckley emailed me and explained that InkSeine simply won't work on XP Pro so.... good luck to everyone who has Vista and a Tablet Edition!


You mean this one?

Yeah, granted I seem to have forgotten to mention that I actually downloaded it. Though I've had poor luck with dll-files before, so.... =/ (Didn't work, btw)

Maybe we should request an XP Pro compatable version, though I doubt they'd may much attention to us.

Unfortunately InkSeine doesn't work on Windows XP Pro =/ At least not out of the box, and I haven't found any thing on Google about it.

Anywho, I don't know if anyone here will be able to do anything with this info, but on the off chance....

Dependency Walker complained about a missing DWMAPI.dll and a profile crashed with "Exited "INKSEINE.EXE" (process 0x1674) with code -1073740791 (0xC0000409)."

Howdy, I'm having troubles with the Whiteboard App x.x

  • - I'm running Window XP Pro SP2
  • - Broadcom 2045 Dongle with WIDCOMM drivers (Neither BlueSolei version worked)
  • - GlovePIE detects the Wiimote successfully
  • - I've tried AtomRiot's fix.

EDIT: I managed to get a hold of the Wiilib test app and it didn't recognize my Wiimote.

I had to go to My Bluetooth Places and disable the Wiimote entry then reconnect it and it seems to work fine.

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