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Say Hi! / Hello world! from utah
« on: February 22, 2008, 12:58:22 AM »
Hey, saw one of johnny's videos in an eggxpert newsletter and got looking into it and have all the stuff to try it out.

Got the whiteboard app to work, but not the rest.  Then my Bluetooth adapter finally bit the dust and got my other issue fixed.  So now i have to wait till next week to use the neat stuff.

My name is Trevor, i am a senior in High School.  I program a bit in VB, and am a big computer geek (Buy It, Use It, Break It, Fix It........).

I also do circuitry, which is why i am a bit excited about this project.  I saw some of the simple circuits used in this project and i think this is going to be a neat place to be.

so, sup fellas

Never mind, i guess i had to have the directX sdk as i just found others with similar problems.

Thanks anyways.

Just got this thing workin...or close to it.

I got the white board to work and its pretty neat drawing on the screen.  I even built a pen that i can comfortably use and have ideas on a better, more precise one.

But, i go to use wiiDesktopVR and the other one and keep getting an error at the startup.
"An exception 'System.IO.FileNotFoundException' has occurred in WiiDesktopVR.exe.

It then asks if i want to debug.  I have installed the express edition of C#. 

Any thoughts?


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