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Got it working with the old school remote. Working on my IR pen now.

I was afraid of that. Apparently they don't sell the original anymore. Now I have to look online and buy a second hand. Oh well I'll let you know how it goes once I try it again.

Same issue here, I am using an HP Pavillion dv6 laptop, have a rocketfish dongle for bluetooth and the wiimote plus.

I have installed the wiimote using the steps in the help guide, when I open smoothboard it detects the wiimote (i.e. it says found:1 connected: 0) but it does not connect. Some of the issues which I am having:

- Everyone in the self help section suggest that their are green arrows on the icon once installed, I see no green arrows.
- Once installed the lights do not continuously blink, they turn off. I've gotten them to stay on and continue blinking, but when I open smoothboard it skips the connection screen and launches smooth board and gives me the error message.

On my HID list there is no WiiMote or Nintendo  RVL-CNT-01, just bluetooth HID device and HID compliant game controller.

I've tried installing the wiimote two different ways,

1. Open up my bluetooth devices, detect (1+2 held here) I click next once the device is found, then I click don't use code and finally I get a messages saying  (Successfully installed, Bluetooth HID device installed).
2. I double click smoothboard, when the connection screen comes up I press sync then press 1+2, this installs the device but then smoothboard is autolaunched and again I get the same error message.

Any help on this would be great. Btw my wiimote is apparently the newer model, its black and has wiimotion plus inside (if this matters), I don't own a Wii nor do I care for one so please mind my ignorance if this is a standard wiimote.

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