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Project Ideas / Re: Multi-point Tracking
« on: February 25, 2008, 01:13:23 AM »
I just had an idea that would make this so much better, but probably a lot more expensive... Basically you have a wiimote for head tracking and 1 for fingertips, then you have some sort of treadmill type thing that when you walk, turns, like you power its movement with your feet, and that is linked to the system (pc etc.) and is recognised as some sort of movement in the x axis, like a control stick does, and then on screen the character moves forward or whichever way you moved... with head tracking you could make it so when you look at the very edge of the screen it scrolls around like in most fps's. this would be like a full virtual reality system, maybe combined with a mocap suit (one of the post on here somewhere), so that in something like second life, you walk around as a character and your movement is recreated on-screen.

This would be awesome but very expensive...

see: Startrek

I say, why the hell not?

If you think you can make it (better), do it.

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