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IR Pens / Re: New IR Pen Concept
« on: September 25, 2008, 06:43:34 PM »
Ok.. Dont get me wrong... I like his idea of using the connection with the mouse as the transfer of clikcs, but I think there's a better way to do it.

As a little background: Im a ham operator. Have been for 4+ years. I dont have my morse code license cause I dont use those frequencies, but I use the computer for translation of morse. I mainly use PSK31, a low bandwidth codec.

Well, I ask the question: Can we simulate "clicks" with ONLY irled, a switch, a few resistors, and a timing chip? I believe so.

Follow me on this:  We dont need computer hardware like a mouse. We already have the wiimote camera that captures at X framerate. What if, instead, we turn the clicks to the computer, rather than the pen? After all, the computer has intelligence while the pen doesnt.

Lets say the FPS is 60, so 1 frame is .0167 seconds. Now, we keep the LED on and when a "button" is clicked, we turn off the led for X time.

Now, if we treat 1 frame off as l-click, we would get spurious l-click input. Instead, we need to do something like .05 s off (3 frames). This brings up a problem...

We either have the wiimote report 2-4 frames. So we could have 2-4 as l-click, 5-7 as r-click, and off-on-off-on-off intermittent pattern as middle. And by my numbers, 7 [email protected] 60 fps is .12 seconds, which is plenty acceptable for lag.

This would require a routine on input to catch on-off patterns with relevant pattern matching code, but this idea would shove the mouse clicking to where it needs to be: The processor.

IR Pens / Bounty: IR-glasses for head tracking
« on: September 25, 2008, 05:31:53 PM »
I saw the Johnny vids about the head tracking, and turns out, there's a Compiz plugin especially for that.

I'm already using the dual pens that Jmitchell sold me, and damn.. They work nice ;)

Well, now I'm looking for a decent set of goggles as Johnny uses. Not to insult the pen makers, but is 20$ a fair price for glasses like that?

I'm trying to get a maker for these up and running, not create fighting on a fair price, so please be nice :D That, and holding 2 IR-pens up to my ears makes me look more of a dork.

I do remember seeing clip-on ir tracker by some company that sells a head-tracking setup. I think it was 34.95$ and it was on sale. It used 3 irleds in a vertical position, rather than horiz, but that's quibbling over small stuff.

So, the big question: Can it be done, and what's a fair price?

Applications / Re: Multi-Point Linux Applications?
« on: September 17, 2008, 02:59:24 PM »
And for those following multiple input on Linux, MPX is now merged within as standard.

From now on, every X manager will have multiple cursor/keyboard support.

What's special about this is that MPX works with legacy apps that do not use the MPX api. Programs that are multiple input aware will work flawlessly. In fact, once recompiling metacity, all gnome windows can be literally stretched at each corner at once.

The guys working on MPX are also working on blob-tracking code (what the wiimote hardware does). With software blobs, we can then define gestures within blobs. Blobs are within experimental MPX.

With MPX being standard now, Xwindows has something above the rest of the OS community: we can do what MS Surface can do without writing new apps, and we can do it right on our current machines, given appropriate touch-screen or tracking as seen on the Wiimote.

IR Pens / Re: New site to buy Infrared (IR) Wiimote Whiteboard Pens
« on: September 16, 2008, 05:03:46 PM »
Hello, I'm josh. I'm mainly a lurker, but decided to comment on these pens.

I tried my hand at making one of them, except via the USB power bus. Mine ended up with the IR emitting visible light :P I used the wrong resistor. After tearing up some packaging, I decided to buy from one of the guys here.

I ended up buying from Jmitchell. The shipping took a while because I had it certified so I could track it. Wrong move.. Mail took 7-9 days :P So razz on me.

I did receive them yesterday, and boy are they nice! The light totally blinds my camera on my phone, and can easily illuminate a halo in a dark room (think ir cam surveillance). He used one of those durable never-break-in-20 years surface mount buttons, with a little soft piece of plastic on top for easy writing.

I guess the battery non-recharging _might_ be an issue, but I've known no batteries that cannot be recharged. Recharging a chemical battery is as simple as providing a trickle charge and knowing how much power it holds vs how much you've put back. LiIons do the same thing. That's why they have a regulation circuit watching input and output. LiIons can also be shocked into working from "the grave".

As for the software, we have dialup, so getting the C# and DirectX libs for running johnny's apps were out of the question. Instead, what IS in consideration is a mixture of Linux with MPX, WiimoteWhiteboard and compiz. I can have multiple input devices controlling multiple mice and multiple keyboard inputs. This setup is just like Surface, but it works with all older apps, along with newer.

His pens are quality, and the Linux software kicks serious A.

All the best.

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