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I'll release it soon

Sorry this is closed source.
I've used modified DCM (Direction Cosine Matrix) algorithm.

you can read Raw data only.

it has been done ie

you can try my g-force analyzer 3.0. I have implemented there DCM algorithm

any feedback is welcome.

new version is available

NEW Version 3.1

What is new:
-better exporting to csv (excel) file

you can download it from here:

you need also install this to get it works:


Hi Everyone.

New version will be available soon:

I released new alpha version, so you can test it.
Let me know if it works for you.
You can download it here: analyzer

saving to file and replays doesn't work yet.

new video:

Hello again
Finally I have some free time and I decided to add couple of new features to g-force analyzer like:
-wii motion plus support
-Nuchack support
-and some improvments.

I have also rewrited it in c# (orginal version was in vb net).

here is new video:


I'm thinking about new version.
What ideas do you have ?
What can I add?

If you want two wiimotes support you have to support me :) because I have only one wiimote.
You can donate on my web site :

no. this is not possible. you can do it by using WiiMotionPlus. But I dont have it and g-force analyzer want support it

now I use these:
roll = Math.Atan2(x, z) * (9 / 0.5 * Math.PI)
pitch = Math.Atan2(y, z) * (9 / 0.5 * Math.PI)

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