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I've been looking at is as well, this is what I came up with.

3D tracking with 1 Wiimote
Yes it is possible but you need 3 or better 4 IR points in a known configuration. See this rather hefty math article to get an idea: .

3D tracking with 2 Wiimotes
This is easier, at least the math is  :D.
You place 2 Wiimotes on the same line (base of a triangle is will form) at a known angle from this line. Remember the angle that the Wiimotes can see if about 40 degrees.
Then you use the X coordinate of both Wiimotes to determine the angle from the baseline.
Then you use triangulation to calculate the location of the point in the XY plane (the plane parallel to the floor). You can use the Y to do the Z.


Other / Re: Modified LED Safety glasses for IR Headtracking
« on: December 16, 2008, 04:28:03 AM »
I just replaced normal LEDs in a pair of safety goggles with IR LEDs (20mA, 1.2-1.5V) so they're burning at 6V (2x 3V CR2032 batteries). No problems. The LEDs apparently take it. I figured if they put 6V on standard near to free LEDs (the goggles only cost me 5 euros), the IR standard LEDs should handle it too. And they do.

The power of the LEDs however is too low to have any real range on the Wiimote. About 3-4m is maximum and the signal is intermittant.
I've tried, not yet tinkered with it, a wireless sensor bar (way do they call these "sensor" bars? when it's not) and that works superbly. Easily 7m range (haven't tested it further) and a large view angle. The wireless bar is really good (this one is from Speedlink and costs 16 euros).


Could it be that the app (and Direct3D) won't work on a MacBook running Vista via Bootcamp? Is the onboard video chip set not suited for the DesktopVR app?

I got the Wiimote connected (test app) without any problem, had some problems running the VR app (saying no Wiimote) but got that fixed through an other post, but now it keep saying it could not intialize Direct3D (got v9 just installed).

Any ideas?



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