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Ok... And what about the switch?

Any On/Off switch will do?


Are this the wires I need? See atachment

Yep, 2 wires to the red sync button will turn on the wiimote and make it available to sync.

not sure on the powering the wiimote, while it is on I, I need to test.

Ben :-)

What kind of wires do I need?
Sorry for my ignorance, but I'm not familiarized with electricity...



The powering information in the thread is quite dificult (I wouldn't even try). All you will ned is some speaker wire and a on/off switch for the remote sync.

The use one of these:|65%3A1|39%3A1|240%3A1318 with a USB extension cord.

I have ported krid's work into the Wiki I'm releasing this afternoon and made it a bit easier to read.

The wiki will have complete and detailed documentation of everything you & your teachers will need to know.

I must add how awesome it is that a student is driving this, anything that is student driven is so powerful in schools.

I woud love to here your progress if you could keep us updated by posting your progress in this thread or give us a summary of your experiences. It would be invaluable as evidence to the success of this project.

benpaddlejones :)


The ebay item you showed me, it recharges the battery even when the wiimote is on?

And another thing, to turn on the wiimote, is a 2 wire cable, right?

As far as I'm aware there isn't a way to automatically power on the wiimote. I guess we're pretty much stuck with pushing buttons 1&2 for the time being.

As for powering the wiimote, my company will be releasing for sale such an option in the next few weeks. We're quite excited about it. It will be an improvement on our already very successful wiimote cover mount.

John Mitchell

Great, I hope it can solve my problem with battery loss...

I'm looking forward to implement this on my school and, as I'm only 15 years old, everything has to be perfect or otherwise the teachers won't support it, and that would be a shame to me.

As for turning it on, in the tutorial i previously mencioned, it seems to be not that hard, but I need some help with it...

The stuff I need to do that is: momentary switch and the 4 wire cable, right?

Or do I need the black box that appears in the photos?



I have already read the tutorial, but as my soldering skills are not very good, I would like to know if there is an non-solder way to power the wiimote via AC or USB, and also how to turn it on automaticly each time I start the computer.


Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Re: Write anywhere
« on: December 24, 2008, 08:52:07 AM »
Thanks, it's great.

Do you know if there is any program like that but for OSX?


Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Write anywhere
« on: December 23, 2008, 04:12:41 PM »

I  would like to know if there is any software that can allow to write anywhere in the screen

I use smartboard's Notebook, which works great… But Floating Tools app (which can do what i want) says that it cannot be enabled because there is no Smartboard connected.

Any tips would be great!

Thank you, and merry christmas!

Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Re: Wiimote Whiteboard Softwareq
« on: December 23, 2008, 06:53:01 AM »
I managed to get a software which can do what i want.

Thanks for the help anyway! :)

Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Re: Wiimote Whiteboard Softwareq
« on: December 18, 2008, 12:21:44 PM »
It's this

"CLASUS Interactive Whiteboard and the A-migo software were developed taking into consideration the highest requirements in ergonomics, robustness, quality and reliability."

here's the link


Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Re: Wiimote Whiteboard Softwareq
« on: December 17, 2008, 12:02:00 PM »
I would like to ry, but i don't know where to get the software...

Anyone has any idea?


Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Wiimote Whiteboard Softwareq
« on: December 16, 2008, 09:20:12 AM »

is there any way of using the a-migo software that comes with interactive whiteboards?

i would like to use the feature of maximizing the page..

It's for my school.


Hi there!

I have recntly found out about johnny lee's projects and I find them very intresting!

So, I'm a mac user and i have been searching all over the internet for an app that would do what interactive whiteboards can do, write in a blank page.

And i found Scribble Screen! Here is the link:
This basicly creates a blank page to write, it's very nice!
I'm going to talk to my teachers at school to see if they want to implement this in the classroom!

Hope you enjoy Scribble Screen as much as I do :)

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