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Project Ideas / Re: Motion capture.
« on: January 22, 2008, 03:50:26 PM »
i think it is very possible though limited, and like with all motion capture, its the software and the hardware, i mean Viacom a motion analysis (the two nost bought systems) have very similar cameras but they really differ when it comes to the software, the studio i visited the other day was just using slightly tweaked security camera's. so thinking about how the wii works, if someone made a program to track, and clean the data, and using the wii remotes as camera's, but the limitation would be bad, i think you can use a max of 4 remotes, which the minimal camera i would even want to try a capture with is 8 (and ewww) but 4 is what I'm thinking is the max wii can use, unless i'm mistaken on that but even so, there range that I'm seeing it like 10 ft max, with the 45 degree angle for the sensor, the biggest volume you could make is something like 5 foot by 5 foot, if that, and i have no clue what type of height you would have. so making the right software would be key, but i think i could work, it would be very...VERY hard to work with, but would be neat, especially for someone like me who really want a personal motion capture studio, but doesn't have a 100 g's to spend for the equipment

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