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Wiimote Smoothboard / Re: Problem with Smoothboard & extended display
« on: January 18, 2009, 09:36:26 PM »

Yes, the cursor jumps back and fourth, as if it's trying to decide which display it's affecting;

but by clicking the option "limit cursor to selected screen area" under "cursor control",  this problem is fixed.

Wiimote Smoothboard / Re: Problem with Smoothboard & extended display
« on: January 18, 2009, 03:33:24 AM »
I believe that I've resolved the issue...

under cursor control, I've selected "limit cursor within selected screen area"

This seems to be working.

I'm not sure about what would work better in the program, but it may help with clarity if that option is included within the "track partial screen area" option. 

So far, I've not had a problem since I checked this box.  This is probably a good issue to address in troubleshooting

Thanks for the help on this;

Great program, Boon Jin.

Now I just need a better IR pen than this keychain light and I'm set.

Wiimote Smoothboard / Re: Problem with Smoothboard & extended display
« on: January 18, 2009, 02:15:53 AM »

Boon Jin,

In my smoothboard screen settings, I only see one display under "track partial screen area".  I've also tried to "select screen area to track" I've selected Whiteboard>Screen>secondary display.
Is this incorrect,  Is there a way to change this setting?

I have the dual monitor set up so that they are completely separate displays, (the toolbar does not show up on monitor 2, when I click identify, the number one shows on laptop monitor and the number two shows up on projection.)

I'll try to take some screenshots or make a video if I fail to explain it properly this time;

it's as if the wiimote selects the same point both on screens 1 and 2, and affects whatever part of the screen corresponds to the whiteboard.  In photoshop, the paintbrush tries to connect these two points with a straight line.

I did not realize what was happening until I noticed that while working on my projection monitor with IR pen, items on the primary laptop monitor #1 had been selected, opened, changed, etc. without having even calibrated the primary screen, without having selected anything with the mouse.

If I'm pointing the IR LED at the upper left hand side of the screen on the whiteboard, the IR will highlight and select both the items on the whiteboard and the items on the upper left of the laptop monitor, likewise for lower left up until about Center of screen.

If I move the projected monitor (in extended monitor settings), this error is the same, but the axis is on the bottom left of primary screen and bottom left of projection, so that lower left of projection affects lower left of primary, etc. 

When I am using photoshop, this causes a straight line to be drawn between those two points on the canvas

but when I am on the side of the screen farthest from the seam between monitors, this problem does not occur. 

It seems as if the problem has something to do with the interaction of the two monitor workspaces.  I'm not sure if that is clear enough, I may have to make a video or JPEGs tomorrow when I have more energy.

Wiimote Smoothboard / Problem with Smoothboard & extended display
« on: January 17, 2009, 07:21:15 PM »
I've been using smoothboard with a dual monitor setup (laptop monitor and projection whiteboard monitor)

It seems as if the wiimote sensor is reading the whiteboard display and the laptop monitor simultaneously; so if I'm using adobe Photoshop, by drawing onto the whiteboard, I also end up selecting items on the laptop screen; and instead of drawing a single point, the cursor ends up drawing a line from the IR pen tip to the corresponding point of the primary screen. 

If I'm drawing on the far right of the screen, I am able to make the single point, but whichever side of the screen the primary display connects to, the cursor becomes stretched, as if the surface area of the softboard layout is too small, and it's trying to compensate by stretching the area affected by the cursor.

Clearly, this setup is not working;  are there any settings I need to adjust to make this work?

It seems as if there is a bug which causes dual displays to merge in the softboard program, anyone have any suggestions?

Other / Excellent LED clip-on lights @ Sears
« on: January 17, 2009, 11:51:40 AM »
I'm having trouble finding the item online for quick reference, but I  recently found at Sears a set of 2 craftsman LED cliplights which could very easily be converted to IR by swapping out the bulb, $20.00

It can be clipped onto eyeglasses, a hat, or headphones, etc.

I'm not sure if the item has been discontinued or not, but either for a night reading light (on the plane, etc), camping, work, or use for head tracking, it's a great item.  It also has magnets for attachment to tools, etc. 

extremely useful, I thought I should post it here.

This is an alternative version, though I can't confirm its usefulness:

the one I found is item #3493340
description: 2 Ultra Bright magnetic clip-on LEDs with a zipper case included

Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Re: Dual Monitor callibration
« on: January 14, 2009, 08:29:08 AM »
I'm not completely certain, but the answer to my own question might be in a new program:

Wiimote Smoothboard 0.4.6 with Enhanced User Interface

Anyone else with this problem should probably check this site

IR Pens / Using a Mini Maglite to test Wiimote connection
« on: January 14, 2009, 08:16:34 AM »
I discovered while trying to set up my whiteboard system that an LED maglite (mini maglite) works well to test calibration; (turn it on, cover the bulb with your hand, uncover bulb when you need to point to a calibration point on screen), I don't know why the maglite led works, but it does.

I think this is a good tip for those impatient people like me who wanted to make sure the system works; before tracking down an IR LED pen, or investing money and effort into building a pen.  (that is, if you already have a mini maglite lying around)

This does not work as a permanent solution, obviously, but it seems to me that it may be possible to hack a maglite to function as an IR pen; the plus side is that the LED is very easy to change if it goes bad, rather than re-soldering.

there may be some other flashlights out there which use a partial-momentary push switch on the side...

technically, you can use a lighter to test calibration as well, but this is only what I've heard.

I'm thinking that it may be possible to re-configure the battery cap in a way which adds on an external switch, though the way to do so is beyond me at this moment.

Please read:*please-read-me*/ this is the second post I moved! This post like the last has nothing to do with Bluetooth or knowledge, its an IR-Pen question. benpaddlejones

Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard / Dual Monitor callibration
« on: January 14, 2009, 07:40:21 AM »

So I've set up my Wiimote whiteboard system; although once I set up my second monitor (which is a Projector) to exteded desktop mode,  I cannot figure out a way to calibrate the whiteboard projection.

Is there any way around this problem?  Does anyone know of a way to get the Whiteboard software to calibrate for the secondary display instead, without changing my windows monitor settings?

The monitors are not side by side exatly; they're slightly offset from each other; and so calibrating my laptop monitor would not accurately solve this, and the projected screen is of inconsistent scale, relative to the laptop screen.  Any suggestions?

I realize that I could make the projected screen my primary, but the projection is not always turned on.

I would prefer that it remain secondary, and that the calibration registers for the secondary projection only.

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