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Hi there

I came to know of the various wiimote projects just recently and am trying to
help my 11 yr old son to take on one of the Johnny Chung Lee 'tracking yr fingers with the wiimote'
as his 6th grade science project in school.   

I bought a vakoss BT usb device (TC-B851-UK) and am trying to connect the wiimote to it on my HP Pavilion laptop
running Vista.   I walked thro the steps to add the BT device and it sees the Nintendo RVL-CNT-01
device and even says successfully connected to it, but when I run J.C. Lee's Wiimote multi-grid
point sample program it says "cannot find a wii remote: no available wiimote not found'.   I read through
most of the FAQs related to connectivity problems, but I don't seem to find anything wrong I'm doing.
I even tried downloading and installing the WIDCOMM drivers - but not sure if anything changed.  I tried
the same steps and still same problem.  I downloaded and ran Thex's coonectiion utility and it also
says cannot find it : "no wiimote found".  Any help would be much appreciated.   My son is very eagerly
looking forward to build the rest of the pieces once I get him past this first step.  Thanks in advance!!!

best regards


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