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Hi thex and other experts!
I find a terrible problem!
When the wiimote connect to the PC(i use windows bluetooth stack and wiimoteconnect0.6),and the smoothboard(the version is Smoothboard_1_0_Setup) have already normal running,i cut the wiimote power,the smoothboard will makes error,and show a menu(detail in attach files),and when i click a ok of this menu,the PC will suddenly become Blue Screen,and restart at once.
But,When the wiimote connect to the PC,and the smoothboard have not running,i cut the wiimote power,everything is ok.
Why is there such a phenomenon?
what a happen?
i guess the problem is smoothboard.not is wiimoteconnect0.6
please give me a answer,thank you very much!

Your software is so good to use!
But,i have some problems:
when connecting, what measures can be taken so that i don't necessary to press the wiimote keys 1 and 2,so the software can be automatically connected to the wiimote?
In your software, it have a learn mode,it tell me:when i use this mode,wiimote which are already listest in the bluetooth settings dialog will be learned even if not in discovery mode.
but when i use this mode,i must press wiimote key 1&2 to let wiimote go to discovery mode,if i haven't do this,the software can not connect the wiimote.

Please give me a answer,thanks!

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