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Announcements / Re: Fake Wimotes - be warned
« on: March 12, 2009, 07:40:59 PM »
I suppose I am a victim of the fake wiimotes... too bad I didn't see this until after I got them. I bought them for use as an interactive whiteboard and they just won't pick up the infrared pen unless it is pointed directly at the wiimote.

I had borrowed a wiimote from a student and the pen that I made worked perfectly! So thats why I decided to get 2 for myself. I live in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia so the price and free shipping from Hong Kong was very attractive. The wiimotes on sale here were $80 or more... and no real guarantee that they are not fake as well (most things here come from china anyway).

I will check out the place on ebay and see if they have w return policy... more money to send them back. I have student checking to see how well the remotes work on his wii console... if they will even sync with the console.

I tried Glovepie with the remotes and the accelerometer seemed to work well for the wiimouse application. Just a bad IR camera!!! what I really want it for!!!


IR Pens / Re: Vishay TSAL6200 - Can it be used
« on: March 12, 2009, 03:02:25 AM »
Dear experts,

I was not able to find the TSAL6400 in Germany. Also no OSRAM (even though they are german :D ). So I ended up with a shop offering the TSAL6200. Can it be used to make a pen? I know the angle is smaller than the 6400... But are there experiences?


I am in Mongolia and could only find tsal6200 LEDs and made a couple pens with them. I borrowed a wiimote from one of my students and got it to work just fine with the TSAL6200. I then decided to order a wiimote for myself and found them on sale through ebay based in Hong Kong... they assured me that they were genuine Nintendo remotes.

So I got the remote and hooked it up but now the pen doesn't see the LED pen until it is virtually pointing at the remote. So it is basically useless at this point. The other remote worked perfectly and is from a wii console that has all the menus in Japanese... so it must be original!

Is this what you mean by "trouble tracking"??/ It barely sees it at all. I am using smoothboard and have the sensitivity at maximum... a very dark room. Could the IR camera on this new remote be THAT different?? I don't have any TSAL6400 LEDs to even try.

Does anyone have any ideas??


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