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Bluetooth & Connectivity Knowledge Center / Re: Windows XP connection
« on: March 25, 2009, 05:04:52 PM »
have you tried setting the passkey as 0's  as many as you can and also try as many as thier are stars. 

Look in your HID list, do you have multiple Wiimotes? Smoothboard only finds the first one.

Benpaddlejones :)

i have only one wiimote on the main window (i am using bluesoiel on windows xp) im not sure if thier is a place just for hid devices but in main window only one wiimote.  is their any thing else i need to download other than the main smoothboad download?

my wii remote is connected using bluesoeil and it can send info to my computer and my computer can send it back

 (i know this because it works with glove pie) but whenever i start smoothboard it gives the error message.  i

have tried looking at the manual and at the wiki and at other posts but none of the sugestions work.  any advice

on how to get the smoothboard to see the wiimote?

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