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Thanks for the reply. Is the Bluetooth connection process straight forward with the DLink DBT122 and the Wii Fit.

1) Add a bluetooth device
2) Wii Fit is recognized
3) Select "No passkey"
4) HID Services are added automatically
5) Wii Fit shows that it is Connected

My current Bluetooth adapter and software struggle with steps 4 & 5.  I have to repeatedly force the HID Services to be added. I never get confirmation of the Connection with the Wii Fit (whereas the Wiimote displays Connected).


I have a Rocketfish USB Bluetooth adapter using the Microsoft stack. This works well to connect to a Wiimote. But it does not connect easily with the Wii Fit Balance Board. It requires lots of trial-and-error to get the timing just right. I also tried the WIDCOMM Bluetooth software without any success.

Can anyone recommend from experience a Windows USB Bluetooth adapter and Bluetooth stack that connects easily to the Wii Fit Balance Board.


Brian Peek has created a .NET library for Windows for many of the Wii devices, including the Wii Fit. You can use the free Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition to do the development of your software using his library.

For the Wii Fit, his library exposes the individual values of each of the 4 weight sensors and also a Center-of-Gravity calculated value. You can also retrieve the current Battery level. I think you can also get the Calibration Info also. Most of his library is aimed at the Wiimote.

I've successfully connected to the Wii Fit and collected live data with his dll library. For me, the hardest part was getting a Bluetooth connection to the Wii Fit. Connecting to the Wiimote via Bluetooth was simple and consistent. I found the Wii Fit is much more difficult to get it to be Recognized and Connected with the HID service enabled.

For my Rocketfish USB Bluetooth adapter, there appears to be some issues. I'm looking for a better adapter or stack.


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