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General Hardware Talk / Nyko wand not working properly
« on: August 05, 2009, 09:04:37 AM »
Hello i just bought a wand core pak from and already in the first time it doesent worked. I've synked it to the wii as is explained in the user's guide. the game recognized the wand and the buttons "home", "+", "-" and "power" were working well but i just cant find my hand while aiming the sensor bar with the wand! i've tried to use the wand with the kama and it still doesent working. I have also tried to power off the game then then turn it on again with the wand and it still doesent working. I've tried also to acess the "home" menu and the reconnect button with the #2 wii remote controller and after reconnecting, the wand still doesent working. I've tried to raise the sensor bar sensibility and nothing happened... the "hand" of the #1 wand controller still doesent showing on the screen when i aim the sensor bar with the controller. What should i do?
Thanks for now.

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