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General Hardware Talk / HA HA i got it.... sort of ...
« on: May 06, 2010, 10:25:22 PM »
alright so i was playing around and i finaly got my wii remot and ir pen to work togeather properly... what i have found out is that the ir i have needs to be pointed prity much right at the wii mote at all times or it loses signal and stops functioning till i get it back in the right direction.

so what i am gathering from this comes from my last topic and that is the 950nm wave langth compaired to the 940nm on the one i have been suggested to get.

if i am right on my point can some one pleas let me know.

now my set up is pritty stright forward. the wii mote is directly above my projector 4 feet off the ground. the distance is about 13 feet away and the usage space i have is 51 % of the wii mote view able aria. as per smoothboard.

so from what i can tell the aplication for what i am wanting to do this will work out well... though i will need two wii motes to do it. the other way is using two ps3 eye's to make the multy tuch board that i am planing on making.

thanks in advance for any info


General Hardware Talk / new and stumped
« on: April 29, 2010, 12:17:07 AM »
ok so i got a wii mot connected to my computer, i have made an IR pen using the source/radio shack canada product number 276-0142, and an old screw driver i had as well as a button from an old web cam.

my issue is now i cant seam to get the right angle for the wii mote to pick up the ir-pen that i have made unless it is almost facing it.

i have looked at my ir-pen through a portable back up cam i have and it is bright. as well as my ps3 eye and it shows well on there even with the filter.

the pen i am using is running off of a 3 volt power (2*1.5 volt AA batteries) with a resister inbatween ( 1 gold 2* black). witch i stoll from an old ir system for my gun con.

now i have tryed this on my lap top with the ir from the gun con which i can not identify the ir led on it. but it did work but they seam to stop working after a little while and i have also  cooked a couple. one because of a 9 volt... woops... lol and the other just stopped working.

so i got the ones from "radio shack" and they work, but like i said only if pointed almost at the wii mot.

Screen is 15" (13" long 8" high)

i guess my question is:

what am i doing wrong?
where should the wii mote go? i do know it is 45 dagree angle on the thing.
is there a better suited ir led i should find?



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