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General Hardware Talk / Hold 1 & 2 button forever for permanent sys
« on: August 15, 2010, 11:18:11 PM »
I have a 3v adapter to provide power for wiimote and it run smoothly. But about permanent sys, because wiimote will hang on celling so we need an ideal of sys it. we got some ideal that we will hold 1 & 2 button forever, so when you plug in adapter, the wiimote will immediately start sys. The led will blink until the wiimote connect to computer. But I have some question:

1. Is it ok if I hold 1 & 2 forever ? can it make some problem to wiimote. this is the most problem that I care
2. Is there any other method ? ( buy usb sys from some website? )

Thanks for reading

As the subject, we want to translate massiveboard of intellectfactory  to another language because my country's teacher still lack of english. But We can't contact with them through any mail in their website, every mail sent was fail. Google tell me that their aren't exit. So, anyone here can help us, we want to contact them to ask about permission and program source code.

If it's impossible, anyone can advice us other method like program like massiveboard, or something like that


1. How do you config outside screen toogle ? I use smoothboard 1.6, but I can't find where to config it ?
2. I want to change position of Floating toolbar, but how ? I can click on "smoothboard lable" and drag it to the left, but after that, the button hide and unhide under smoothboard lable only show the toogle to the left and I want it show from left to right :(

Sorry for my bad english

Wiimote Smoothboard / Smoothboard with Glove PIE
« on: May 11, 2010, 05:24:20 AM »
I can't get them to work together, when I  run Glove PIE, smooth board will auto crash. So, Can them work together? And how ?

pls let's me know. If the answer is yes, then I will have a good ideal for wiimote and nunchuk :D

General Hardware Talk / Wii IR camera as standalone sensor
« on: May 03, 2010, 11:56:55 PM »
As subject. I have a ideal, the core part that we need in Wiimote is IR camera, right ? So can we just use that camera to work with smoothboard program? or we need more part? If we only need this camera, we can order it from nintendo with cheaper price and without loss any performance. Some pic about IR camera in Wiimote

General Hardware Talk / Ask nintedo to make OEM wii remote
« on: May 02, 2010, 10:01:38 PM »
Sorry for my bad english.

My company has a ideal to combine wii remote and some part to make a independent smartboard( It can run without computer). But now the problem is wii remote, we only need wii remote board, not plastic case, but:
1. If we buy wii remote from nintendo, and remove plastic case, use wii remote board to combine with our part and make a new product with our brand. Is it illegal?
2. Anyone know how to ask nintendo to make OEM wii remote board? Is it possible?

Again, sorry for my bad english. Can anyone check my grammar? and pls fix it :)

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