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Hey folks!

My name is John Hardy and my friend Christopher Bull and I are currently developing an application which means that you can use a single Wiimote to do full multi-touch with all the trimmings on Windows 7.

Both TUIO and Windows 7 touch events are supported in the trunk at the moment and we hope to have a working binary download with a simple but powerful UI by the end of the week.  I will post a link to our Google Code project as soon as we are done. :-)

Here is a more detailed description:
WiiTUIO is an application which stabilises the IR sources captured by a Wii Remote (Wiimote) and presents them as TUIO and Windows 7 Touch messages.

This project aims to improve the stability of the IR sources captured by the Wiimote using some thresholds and spatio-temporal classification. The application generates Windows 7 Touch messages and TUIO events using these stabilised contacts.

Each raw IR source captured by the Wiimote is either assigned to the best existing tracked source or generates a new tracker. This means that TUIO events can be generated from stable data without the jitter (namely, false-positives generated between two IR sources and the unordered source buffer) that occurs when trying to use the Wiimote to capture true multi-touch IR.

And here is a demo video (sorry for the muffled sound - it was taken on my mobile):

I hope this will be some use to you guys and remove a few locks on the door to making proper multi-touch accessible to the masses!


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