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I am writing a glovePIE script that makes use of a Wiimote as well as a Balance Board. I am able to manually connect both to my bluetooth stack; however, the problem is that when I run my script, only one of them ever works (and this is always the device which I have connected first). The device which is connected second never works--I seem to be able to get a bluetooth connection, but GlovePIE is not able to recognize it.

In my code, I use wiimote1 for all my wiimote controls, and wiimote2.balanceboard for my board controls. Thus I always try to connect my wiimote before my balanceboard as I have heard that the devices will be enumerated in the order that you connect them.

I always connect my devices by first 1) opening glovePIE 2) using BlueSoleil to manually connect the HIDs.

Please, can anyone help me? Thanks!

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