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I am on a Dell laptop running Windows 7 (64 bit).  I have the dongle from wiiteachers.  I plug it in and it automatically installs the MS Stack.  But when I try to add a device no devices are recognized. 

So I loaded the BlueSoleil software that came with the dongle (IVT2.7.0.13) and followed the procedure for connecting the device.  BlueSoleil recognizes and connects with the wiiremote, but when I check in device manager there is an error with the driver.  (Its calling it a HID joystick or something.  I tried to change the driver manually to a second option and it didn't help.)

So I unistall BlueSoleil and download smoothboard.  There is no recognition at all.  (MS stack in place again)
My HID list is attached:  HID compliant consumer control device, 3 HID compliant devices, 2 USB Input Devices, Wacom HID digitizer, Wacom HID pen, Wacom Virtual HID driver.

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