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Wiimote Finger Tracking / Wii Multipoint Grid cannot find Wiimote
« on: January 02, 2011, 12:05:12 PM »

I have installed the correct software on my computer (Except for Visual C# Express 2008, I installed 2010...) and when I run the program, it asks if the wiimote has been connected. I have connected two different wiimotes through my computers bluetooth, and neither will be picked up by the program, but they will work just fine for Smoothboard or WiimoteWhiteboard. What am I doing wrong? Are new versions of the DirectX and the Visual C# incompatible? Thanks!

I have an Acer Aspire 5515, running Windows Vista Basic, with an AMD Athalon if it helps at all.


I am trying to use a NYKO Wiimote Wand with an interactive whiteboard that has functioned with official wiimotes, and one other 3rd party brand in the past. However, this one wil not work.

I have tested it with:
WiimoteWhiteboard (Old version, the one currently available off this site hasn't worked for me in the past).
Wii Smoothboard
Wii Smoothboard 2
Java Whiteboard

None of these programs would recognize the device.

So is it a dud? I read somewhere it needs a passcode, but is there a way I can bypass that? No one, even NYKO, seems to have it. Any help is appreciated!

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