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I have gone through many different steps, and followed the advice of many different threads. I have troubleshooted every step that I can think of, and I am still not able to get SmoothBoard to function with my WiiMote.

I am using Microsoft Bluetooth Stack.
My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.
I have already followed the procedures in 7.4 and 7.6 of the SmoothBoard User Guide.

Upon opening SmoothBoard, SmoothConnect launches. I start hitting the 1&2 buttons simultaneously every second. My WiiMote's MAC address is listed and the program searches for my WiiMote. The MAC address get highlighted in green as the SmoothConnect blue status bar symbols stop flashing and the status message says "Installing".

SmoothBoard launches automatically after SmoothConnect is finished, and I always am receiving the error message "Error reading data from it connected?"

It is my sincere hope that I can get this program working with my computer, and any help that could be provided would be most greatly appreciated. If I need to provide further info or screencaps I will do so.


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