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Other / Using two TSAL-6400s in parallel and powering them...
« on: November 03, 2010, 01:09:05 PM »
My master plan ( evil laugh ) involves mounting a wiimote over my monitor and attaching two TSAL-6400 LEDs to my wireless bluetooth headset. Ideally I want them to be powered by a single rechargeable triple A battery.

However, I have a problem. This would be 1.2V, the TSAL-6400s require 1.35V to run at maximum efficiency. I don't know how much I'm losing on them if I run them at 1.2V and if I add two batteries then it quickly gets too heavy for my blueparrott headset to hold up. Plus, I can run 1.5V through these LEDs fine without resistors or anything complicated. Once I get to 2.4V, I have to start adding resistors and making it complicated.

I'm also curious as to what is the best software for doing this. Eventually I want to be able to use an IR glove as well, depending on how well software support for that is... Coincidentally, what would be the best/fastest/least intrusive software solution to use for this? I just need mouse cursor support and possibly, if I make the IR glove, a way to detect 'clicks', possibly something like mentioned in this thread:

Calibration would probably be useful, too, haha.

Alrighty, here's what I have. I've read TONS of guides and everything.

Windows 7 x64 pro, a Nintendo OEM remote, an Azio BTD-V201 bluetooh V2.1 + EDR class 1 bluetooth adaptor, and I've tried with the same result with both the Toshiba and the Windows bluetooth stack.

Regardless of what program I use ( Barring Dolphin, which made my wiimote show up as 'player 1', but I couldn't get it to do anything with it ), I can get the wiimote to connect to my computer, but the lights keep flashing as if it were trying to make a connection and no program ( Smoothboard, glovePIE, wiiremoteconnect-0.6, wiinremote_v2007.1.13 ) can do anything with it. Even after loading Dolphin up to where the wiimote shows up as 'player 1', none of the programs read data from the wiimote neither on the Toshiba nor Windows bluetooth stacks.

I don't know what I need to do. I'm attempting to make a head mouse to use with Dragon Naturally Speaking for hands free access to my computer.

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