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Hey there,

I am a noobie to the whole Wiimote world, in fact, I don't even own one.  However, I teach electroncs at a high school in Canada, where a fellow teacher and I made a pen and attempted to set up a Wiimote Smartboard in his classroom.  We managed to get the system interactive, but there are very few applications that we are able to control with it.  For instance, we did have success with materials made up in Flash, but attempts to control MS Power Point were unsuccessful, similarly so with IE.  Another teacher purchased a copy of a program called AutoGraph, and we had no luck controlling that with it either.

My question is, is this condition normal, one that users of this homemade technology just need to accept, or is there a simple fix that we can undertake to get this working.

I would appreciate any feedback.

Best regards,


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