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IR Pens / my pen
« on: February 09, 2008, 04:28:22 AM »
hi there!

just wanted to show you my pen.

for the pen i used an old deco-marker. unfortunately, there was still a lot of fluid in it. be careful when you open those table is now a bit silver  >:( i used nail laquer remover to get the inside of the marker free from the fluid.

my led is a 100mA, 940nm IR-LED (for all austrians: i got it from conrad)
my power source is a 1.5V AAA-battery, directly connected to the IR. if you use just one battery, you don't need any resistor.
between the battery and the led i soldered a momentary switch. the red knob is from an old laser-pointer.

i needed about 3 hours. but i think you can be a lot faster....most of the time i spend cleaning the damned pen and my desk.


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