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I am new to the hole wii whiteboard thing. i found out about it Wednesday and then Friday i built my IR pen (luckily Mouser the suppler johnny lee links to is right down the street from me)  and did a quick test just to see if it was worth investing in a wiimote for my self.
first i see that amazon has a wiimote that is made by  Dazzle Games and it is only 15 for a the wiimote and nunchuck with free shipping with prime. the next cheapest is 29.99, is it worth it for the the oem?

second, one of my old teacher had a smartborad and think that the smartboard or similar program would be helpful. is there a software that allows you to make separate pages, scroll down to continue writing, ect. because the program that i got to work when i was using a borrowed wiimote was iwiiboard, i was having trouble with getting smoothborad to start i have since been able to find the fix. and neither of them seem to have a program that can save and have pages like i would like. im sure there is other additional software for the pc that will do what i want but i just don't know where to look.

thanks in advance

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