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The forum seems divided among people who:
1) Can get the applications to run only with standard Windows BT drivers
2) Can get the applications to run only with Blue Soleil
3) Can't get the applications to run either way.

I think that those in group 2) are only having success with Blue Soleil version 5.x.  Also many in group 3) seem to have a low opinion of Blue Soleil (won't install, won't run, crashes, etc. etc.)

So can someone explain what Blue Soleil is for?  Is it a replacement driver that allows one to avoid the Windows driver?  I have looked at the web site and it doesn't mention the word 'driver' - describes it as a "set of Bluetooth Application Profiles" whatever that might be and talks a lot about a graphical app that shows all your BT devices.

(When the IVT web page about Blue Soleil includes statements like "A dark blue space-like background creates a sense of depth and intrigue", I am NOT inclined to see it as a serious solution to anything.  Maybe I am missing something...)

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