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My office is trying to set up this IWB using 2 wiimotes and the Smoothboard 2 application in our conference room.  We have 2 Wii remotes, along with the replacement back cover from eCanvas that has a power connector and threaded tripod mount.  We also have power supply units from eCanvas with IR remote on/off switching.  Finally we have an IR pen from IR Classroom that is designed to look like a dry-erase marker.

Our conference room PC is running XP 32-bit, service pack 3.  It does not have built-in bluetooth, so we purchased an IOGEAR bluetooth 2.1 USB Micro adapter, which uses the Widcomm bluetooth stack.  I'm using the latest install drivers from the IOGEAR website.

After MASSIVE amounts of trial and error, I finally got Smoothboard 2 up and running with a single wiimote.  At first I got it running at home on my personal laptop also running XP, and then got it working in our conference room, with the image projected onto a screen.

The issue is that I cannot get a second wiimote to connect.  In XP My Bluetooth Places, after pairing the 2nd device, it will show as connected for a split second and then go away.  I even tried a 3rd wiimote (from my boss's kids' Wii) that did connect successfully before, and now even it won't connect anymore.

As another test, I have tried installing the bluetooth adapter, drivers, and Smoothboard software on my workstation running Windows 7 x64.  The adapter installed fine, and it seems like it connected both wiimotes just fine.  But now when I start Smoothboard it asks if the wiimotes are connected, that there is an error reading data from the wiimote.  SmoothConnect says Found 0, Connected 0.

Can anyone help?

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