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I was inspired by which makes IR pens and IR pointers for the Wiimote whiteboard hack, so I'm asking in this forum, because I have an idea sort of related to this project.

I was wondering at first if you could make a tablet (sort of like a bamboo tablet)  using a similar hack. The only difference would be the visuals would be displayed on a monitor instead of on your surface. So you would use the pen on a surface, but it would translate to motions that are seen on the monitor. Sounds totally feasible other than "why would you want to do that?", which leads to the real question that I have.

So I have this project that I was working on that is a sort of fretboard MIDI controller. Difficult to explain, but picture it as a bass guitar neck that has a row of IR LED's at the string positions at the nut, and a row of IR LED's along the neck indicating the fret. So when a string is pressed against a fret, conductors in the string, and fret would make a connection that would light up the IR LED's.  The Wiimote would interpret this as simple mouse positions right? So then you could feet this information into a software program like MAX/MSP as mouse clicks in certain positions. The hard part seems to be calibrating it, and calibrating it against the software, since you usually would calibrate to a position on the monitor, or projector screen. This is a bit different. So that's what I'm wondering.  Is this possible? I'm thinking for best results I would have the Wiimote mounted to the neck so that it stays in the same position. I would calibrate it as I would a white board, except for one additional LED to indicate the lower right corner of the fretboard (if you can picture this). Then it would send mouse clicks, or points (not sure about that either) to the software. I would then after some testing determine on the inteface where the mouse clicks would land on the monitor screen, and put buttons on the interface there, and let the software figure out what is exactly being played (one other advantage of this is keeping the logic on the computer).  Of course you would have different size screens, so perhaps I would need some calibration routine in the software to line up the clicks, or make the button grid resizable. Sounds feasible enough.
Please any support in this would be greatly appreaciated. Also please understand that I'm over simplifying my project, and that this is not just a Wii guitar project, it's something entirely different.
I'm really excited about the prospects because this would be a very simple solution to a problem that I'm finding overwhelmingly complex using a segmented fret design that I am trying to utilize using a USB keyboard hack.
I think I mainly need to know what the capabilities of the Wiimote are regarding this LED array concept.

PS - I wrote more about this in the musical projects topic, but there was no actiity there.


Other Projects / Wiimote MIDI controller keytar
« on: July 16, 2012, 09:14:59 PM »

I'm thinking of using a Wiimote for my project which is a sort of keytar.  It's very difficult to explain what's this exactly is, but basically I am trying to create a fretboard that emulates a bass guitar fretboard to the extent that you can play one note at a time, and send a midi signal. So I'm wondering if anyone has made a fretboard utilizing Wiimote hacknology.
If a more specific question would work, what I'm thinking is in the lines of creating a grid of IR LED's that would indicate the fret position. More simply put, a row of IR LED's to indicate the fret position, and a row IR LED's to indicate the string position, in the form of ROWS and columns / Strings / Frets.  I don't need a full 22 frets, although that would be nice, I mainly need about 8 to 15 frets the more the better, and I'm not restricted to 4 strings, I could do 6 strings, it's just that I'm not playing chords, or much in the way of polyphony (maybe two or three notes). Currently I'm trying a USB keyboard hack, and I've tested the connections and have a complicated scenario.

The advantages of the Wiimote method that I can see is that this would be remote controlled, and hopefully I will not have to resort to a nightmarish segmented fret approach used on MIDI guitars.  I'm figuring that if I provide the IR LED's to indicate the fret, and string positions, I can send that to a software app (MAX/MSP, or C#) where the software decides what notes to send to the software synth. This obviously is not about strumming chords, it would simply be a way to input notes using the standard fingering positions. I play guitar, and I also play keyboards. But I would like to try playing the bass lines with the left hand on a fretboard which comes more naturally while playing melody and chords with the right hand on a keyboard.
Sort of like a tap instrument, but not fully polyphonic (although that would be nice, the more the better right?)

Say Hi! / Any musicians out there? Casey from San Diego
« on: July 16, 2012, 09:02:38 PM »

I did not own a Wii, or any Nintendo gear. I used to have a Gameboy though. But my opinion of Nintendo has changed after I saw a presentation by a teacher at the Orange County Mini Maker Faire.  He was using a Wiimote as a whiteboard.  I was interested in this but I was not sure how I could apply it to some projects that I'm working on. But I was thinking about using it at work for various presentations and training. 

But thinking about it more, I'm thinking I might be able to use it with my project, which is a sort of MIDI controller keytar.
I thought I would introduce myself before jumping in and asking questions about my project.

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