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Other Projects / Build a Huge IR Touch Frame
« on: March 06, 2013, 03:49:16 PM »
Any ideas on how to build an inexpensive IR touch frame that's really big, about 4ftx8ft? Most of the ones I seen were either not big enough for the project i'm working on or they cost about 2-3k which is way too much. I was thinking, another IWB project would be to put an IR frame over a standard whiteboard with a standard video projector and make a huge interactive display.

I am looking for a solution to integrate IWB technology into a large board that has two 4ftx8ft panels in it. It also has one of those fancy wood frames that is super strong, so strong, you can hang upside down on it. lol. I never want to see it be replaced by anything modern and metal that's for sure. So, can multiple wiimotes be used on the board. I was thinking of using 4, one Wiimote for each 4ftx4ft area along with 2 projectors synced up like twin monitors. If this would work, our school would have the biggest IWBs ever and it would put SmartBoard to shame in size and price tag. A system using 4 Wiimotes and two projectors would be about 1300 bucks, the price of a SmartBoard with way more capability. I know that the Wiimotes can't overlap each other or the tracking could be hindered, but pointing each wiimote to the center of a 4ftx4ft area, shouldn't that work?

I am in the process of trying to design my own system to work with something like that so that schools don't have to purchase expensive IWB's that only have a small active area, and so they can still use the look of wood in their classrooms, verses modernism, which I hate. I am wanting to use the Wiimote project as a base to work from.

If you look at the pic I attached, you can see what the room looks like. It's a little blurry as it was from my crappy cell phone camera. You'll also see how strong it is. I'm literally hanging on it. lol.

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