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Wiimote Desktop VR/Head Tracking / Who needs a Wiimote? ;)
« on: April 14, 2008, 11:23:19 AM »
I thought you might find this noteworthy:

I spent the afternoon combining the OpenCV face recognition sample [1] with Johnny Lee's awe-inspiring DesktopVR program.

The result is head-tracking that works with nothing but a webcam. To be honest, the result will most likely be a crash. Make sure you have the latest Visual Studio runtimes.

The program works with just a normal Video-for-Windows camera. Just place your webcam below the Monitor, and pray that it will work :D

Of course, this needs a LOT of improvement. I just hacked this together without prior knowledge of either OpenCV nor C#. I am sure Johnny Lee could do much better, so take this as a proof-of-concept in anticipation of great stuff to come from others (as a start, I'd add some interpolation; OpenCV's face-recognition is far from perfect).

I have a version which uses eye-recognition, this would allow for rotation. However, detection is even worse there.


I just packed up the stuff I changed, together with the modified .exe - I hope someone can understand this mess. Maybe I can even come up with a better version soon.

Oh, btw, I started with the version changed to WiimoteLib 1.2.1., for my bluetooth adapter didnt work with the original version.

Thanks Johnny Lee, your ideas rock!

Get it here:


[1] The OpenCV library from Intel -

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