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I have just bougth a new wiimote, the wiimote was found and connected successfully with the bluetooth, but when I tried to start smoothboard (and also wiimotewhiteboard), I received the following message: "Error reading data from it connected?"
Also I have an old wiimote that still works without errors with both softwares.
I have looking the answer on the web, without success.
How I can fix this problem? Thanks for your help. :P

Hi everybody!

1. Does anybody knows how I can use WiimoteWhiteboard in Vista 32bits?

Ive everything good (bluetooth turned on with my wiimote), but when Im trying to begin the WiimoteWhiteboard v2.0 application, then appears me a window with this message: "Exception: Wiimote not found in HID device list".
2. Where I can get the famous "HID device list",
3. What else does I need to use WiimoteWhiteboard in Vista 32bits?

Thanks for your help! 

Luxa ;D

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