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Project Ideas / For Engineers
« on: May 04, 2008, 11:02:20 AM »
I dont know if someone else posted this idea or not, with 5 full pages of topics i could have missed it.

The idea is to combine the VR display with the "minority report"-esq hands on interface, along with a CAD program. This interface would use the hands on approach you get from working on things in reallife, but the computer benifits you get from a CAD program. The VR headtracker would be benifitial in zooming in and looking at the blueprints from other angles. and because its VR, you could stick you head into places you couldnt in a real tinkering session. Although i dont think we could fully get a 3D hollogram type interface, a projection or TV with the VR and hand controls should be signifigant enough.

I am going into Mechancial Engineering next year at RPI, and i hope to have atleast a few of these programs working on my laptop by then. If anyone has any ideas on programing or reverse-engineering/programing a CAD program for this interface, it could be the next big thing in science.

I will bring this idea to college with me, and hopefully with that many great minds (computer science, computer engineers, mechanical engineers, ect) this system could be in use rather quickly. But college is still another 3 months away, so i thought i would throw the idea out there for anyone who thinks they could help.

so? what do you think

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