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Bluetooth & Connectivity Knowledge Center / Best USB Bluetooth adapter
« on: January 16, 2008, 04:25:23 PM »
Mmmmninny ninny num num ...ok deep breath, so it seems my internal bluetooth for my HP Dv9500 laptop doesnt work, with anything, BS or windows stack. A tad annoying, I really don't get why we have so many compatibility issues with something that is effectively defining a protocol...does it not?.. makes one wonder about the future of 'bluetooth'

anyway...rant over..I wanted to ask for some advice..

Question is what USB bluetooth adapter can you recommend?
I'd prefer to run the windows stack rather than blue soleil if possible..
I'm running vista, I'm UK based so if you know of the ideal place to get the right adapter for cheap please post a link.

many thanks,
Ps. running DX10 isnt an issue is it for any of johnnys apps is it?

Bluetooth & Connectivity Help Center / a few problems
« on: January 15, 2008, 03:51:47 PM »
i uninstalled bluesoleil, well the uninstaller crashed so i did system restore ...

hoping that my broadcom bluetooth will work with the default bluetooth stack,

ok so manually connected to the wiimote and it can see it no problems... so far so good, but don't know if it will work.

built the wiimoteVRdestop app Vista 32bit / VStudio 2008...few problems

    - fullscreen doesn't work, so reverted WiiDesktopVR::doFullscreen to false
    - messes with my mouse visibility when debugging even when running windowed. mmm
    - the app cant detect my wiimote, and basically enumerates a couple of devices that dont have the right vendorid and productid..... if(attrib.VendorID == VID && attrib.ProductID == PID)
any sanity checks appreciated...


IR Pens / IR Led Specifiaction
« on: January 14, 2008, 02:12:40 AM »
firstly well done Johnny Lee!.. great stuff, have you had any job offers from Ninentdo yet? I'm a game developer and I'm on a mission to get his working on my laptop as a first port of call.

However, the glasses require a few questions...

what type of IR Leds should I purchase?
what voltage to power them with? Resistor or potentiometer?
is it worth doing the leds at either side of the glasses in clusters?

Further, where might I get something like this in the UK? The electronics superstore in the UK is but seems to have only one type of 950nm IR Led.

Perhaps there is a specification docs on the standard sensor bar that give clues?

Best regards,

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