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I used the radio shack recommended LED for this pen. I used an expo dry erase marker and unfortunately only could find a double A battery casing so I had to mount it on the outside. Truthfully the entire pen doesn't look professional at all. However it does work.

Now here is the issue:

The entire LED is mounted on the outside of the pen cap, so there is no blocking of the light at all, it can go out at the 180 degree angle that the LED is capable of doing.

Whenever I use it with the whiteboard software the pen is completely inaccurate. I have done a test with it both as a tablet and as a whiteboard and in both instances I never had an accurate cursor from the pen.

Any help would be appreciated, need to have this working before this Thursday.

Okay, so I got the best IR LED they had (1.2 45 degree angle, 100ma part# 276-143) but they didn't have the battery case for a AAA battery. I got an easy push momentary switch for it and all of it should fit easily into a modified whiteboard marker case. However I am wondering if anyone who has used that LED and

1) What power source are you using?

2) Are you using a resistor?

3) To everyone else, any issues I should be made aware of? Have read a lot of threats esp. the 101 one. Going to try for the first time to solder something lol, probably going to put everything together and wait for finding the right power supply and a resistor if I need it.

Thanks in advance

I'm a Junior High Teacher and I have been wanting to do this project for awhile. While I have been able to connect my wii remote to the laptop I haven't constructed my pen at all.

I need a design for a pen that meets the following needs

1) Use for wall only

2) Sensitive enough to draw graphs, pictures, and to write with

3) Simple to put together since I have no real engineering experience.

Also I need help on being able to figure out where I should put the wii remote. My desk will be about two feet away from the board (currently not sure if my next year classroom will be white or blackboard, if its a blackboard will this affect the use of the pen)

Thanks for the help in advance

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